All-Hazard Guide for Transport Infrastructure



2013 .

Cenor initiated, in July 2013, an European investigation project named AllTraIn (All-Hazard Guide for Transport Infrastructure).

This study’s goal is to identify all possible relevant threats for transport infrastructures in Europe, which can be threats man-
-made intentional and un-intentional and also natural hazards. The expected output is the preparation of a guide for presentation of a methodology that enables owners and operators of transport to identify and qualitatively assess the relevant threats for each critical infrastructure.

This project is financed by the European Comission’s program, CIPS, and is being developed in partnership with the institutes BAST – Federal Highway Research Institute (Germany) and CDV – Transport Research Center (Czech Republic) and the company ILF – Consulting Engineers (Austria).

For more information please go to www.alltrain-project.eu

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