Construction Supervision of the Solar Panels Manufacturing Plant


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2014 .

CENOR, through CENORVIA MZ (one of its subsidiary companies), has concluded the Construction Supervision of the Mozambican Solar Panels Manufacturing Plant.

This project comprises the construction of the main building, with an area of about 1 500 m2, 6 buildings with smaller dimensions, streets layout, parking and garden areas.
The supervision comprised all civil construction, hydraulics and sewerage, electricity and HVAC works, including also the final design complete review.
Built in Beluluane Industrial Park, at Boane District in Maputo Province, at about 30 Km of Maputo city, this project cost was approximately 13 million dollars, financed by the Indian government.

With this development the Mozambican government aims to give access to all population to an increasingly cleaner and available energy, prioritizing the geographic areas which don’t have yet a functioning electrical power network.
This plant has an annual energy production capacity of 5 MWh (of about 50 solar panels per day), which will significantly reduce the acquisition and import costs of the electrical systems for the rural electrification.

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