ER 227 Reconstruction Project



2014 .

On last March 10th the President of the Regional Government of Madeira Island, Alberto João Jardim, inaugurated the Tabua ER 227 Reconstruction Project in Madeira Island.

This CENOR design integrated the rebuilding of roads and streams regularization after the damage caused by the storm of 2010 February 20th under the designated “Lei de Meios”.
The ER 227 is a featured urban road located along the valley of Tabua’ stream, west of Ribeira Brava, and connects the ER 101, along the south coast, to the ER 222 where this road crosses the Tabua’ stream, about 900 m north of the mouth.
The exceptional flooding that occurred in 2010 February 20th, the stream overflowed its natural bed, destroying some houses, the Tabua road (ER227), and the ER222 bridge, leading to the interruption between the two banks of the stream.

In this project CENOR lead the ER227 reconstruction with urban profile cross-section characteristics, and restored the ER222 road connection with a new bridge over the stream.
The regularization of the stream was had a 12 m x 5 m section enlargement, in a 975 m total length. The proposed way to regularize the stream tried to follow its natural bed, preventing and protecting existing buildings that were not destroyed by the floods.
At the  stream mouth the intervention contemplated the actual pipe extension, over 75 m off to the sea, through the use of two pontoons, which will ease the solid flow disposal generated in the stream basin.

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