Signaling Uniformization



2014 .

CENOR was awarded, by VIALITORAL, Concessões Rodoviárias da Madeira SA, the 1st Phase of the signaling uniformization project, which comprises the full geometrization of the layout, in plan and longitudinal profile, from the km 0+000 (Ribeira Brava), to km 44+198 (Caniçal), which shall be executed using the different subsections final designs and the existing survey.

This first phase states the work basis for the consequent phases, comprising 120 drawings (A1 size) of the layout in plan and longitudinal profile (scale H=1:1000 and V=1:200), acting a support for the pathway management and conservation.

The VIALITORAL Consignation incorporates the VR 1 highway between Ribeira Brava and Caniçal, with a total length of 44198 m and 27 grade-separated interchanges.

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