Presentation of the 1st Workshop Results


AllTraIn Praha 2014
AllTraIn Praha 2014

2015 .

The project AllTraIn, funded by the European Union under the Prevention, Preparedness and Consequence Management of Terrorism and other Security-related Risks (CIPS program), presents the first workshop results, took place on the 23rd October in Bonn, Germany, in the website www.altrain-project.eu.

In this workshop have participated 22 risk and safety professionals, among which four were of CENOR’s team, as well as owners and operators of transport infrastructures. The representation of Portugal was outlined by the presence of the Engineer Manuel António Arnaut (BRISA) and Dr. Rui Nunes da Silva (REFER). At the workshop were presented and discussed the project preliminary results.

The first meeting of the project Advisory Board was also carried out with the participation, as portuguese representatives referred by CENOR, of the Engineers Laura Caldeira (LNEC) and António Pinelo (CRP).

The second meeting of the Advisory Board will take place on the 7th May, 2015 in Portugal (Lisbon/Coimbra).

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