Enterprise Selection for Submitting Proposal



2016 .

CENOR, in consortium with Euroestudios, Amberg and Ferconsult, was included in the short-list of six companies that were selected to submit a proposal for the tender “3-level Big Istanbul Tunnel Project, Study, Project and Consulting Services Task”.

A total of 23 companies have bought the tender documents and in a first phase only twelve have submitted their files.

The new mega project in Istanbul will be first three level tunnel in the world and will enable faster and cheaper transportation between the two sides of Istanbul. This project combined the “fast metro tunnel project” and the “highway tunnel” with 2×2 lines in a single tunnel.

The metro line will go through underground except on the overpassing of the Golden Horn.

This rapid metro line is planned to run %25 faster than other metros. The Metro line will run along 31 km, connecting 14 stations in 40 minutes. This metro line will be connected to nine others.

Instead of separate tunnels, one tunnel will be built for both metro and dual highway. The diameter of the sub-sea tunnel will be 16.8 m and will be built 110 m below the sea surface.

The sub-sea tunnel will be constructed according to the “build-operate-transfer model” and will cost $3.5 billion.

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