CENOR and TPF PLANEGE have teamed up to create one of the largest Engineering Consulting companies in Portugal…

As of January 1, 2017, we have a new image, but we continue to follow the same guidelines: Trust, Dedication, Excellence.

TPF Planege Cenor – Building a Better World!

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CENOR Consultores, S.A. is the holding company of several Portuguese and International enterprises:

CENOR Group companies:

  • ECGPLAN, Engenharia, Gestão e Planeamento, Lda (Madeira Island, Portugal)
  • CENOR, Açores, Lda. (Azores Island, Portugal)
  • CENOR, Consultores Angola, Lda. (Luanda, Angola)
  • CENOR, Argélia (Alger, Algeria)
  • CENOR, Colômbia (Bogotá, Colombia)
  • CENOR, Iraque (Baghdad, Iraq)

Subsidiary Companies:

  • NVIST (Lisbon, Portugal)
  • CENORVIA MZ (Maputo, Mozambique)
  • SCCONSULT (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
  • DALAN (Díli, East Timor)






CENOR activities encompass the following engineering markets:

  • Transportation: road, railway and airport infrastructures;
  • Structures: parks and industrial units, buildings, bridges and concrete dams;
  • Sanitation and environment, rural and urban water supplies;
  • Renewable energy, hydroelectric power and hydraulic structures;
  • Geology and geotechnics: underground cavities and tunnels, retaining structures, special foundations, slope stabilization, ground treatment and embankment dams
  • Construction management, project quality control, supervision and coordination of construction works.

 CENOR engaged over the last three decades in several large engineering projects. These include:

in the Public sector:

  • Expansion and Conservation of the National Roads and Highways Network;
  • Expansion of the National Railway Network;
  • High Speed Rail Network;
  • Airports and Ports;
  • Expansion of the Lisbon and Porto, Underground and Overground Network;
  • Infrastructure and Buildings of the Autonomous Region of Madeira;
  • Dams and other Hydraulic Structures associated with the Water Supply and Irrigation Network;
  • National Urban and Environmental Development Plan (Polis Program);
  • Water Treatment Plants;
  • Central Incinerators;
  • Landfills;
  • Expo 98 World’s Fair.

in the Private sector:

  • Real Estate and Urban Planning;
  • Shopping and Leisure Areas;
  • Headquarters For Major Companies;
  • Banks and Insurance Companies Network Expansion;
  • Services Areas on Motorways;
  • Development /Refurbishment of Industrial Areas.


CENOR consists of a solid team of professionals specialized in all fields of civil engineering.

Staff numbers have attuned to market conditions, averaging around 200 employees in recent years.





CENOR has been steadily increasing its revenue over time. In the last three years, there has been a tendency to stabilize at an average value around €18 million.




Certifications formally assure to CENOR clients that all services provided shall follow the most suitable procedures for each task. The organisational structure thus implemented is aimed at successfully developing all activities and satisfying client expectations.

In 2000, CENOR obtained the certification of its Quality Assurance System for Project Development and Consulting, Coordination, Management, Supervision and Quality Management in all areas of Civil Engineering, under the
NP ISO 9001:2008 standard.

In 2012, CENOR achieved the certification of its Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management System and is now certified in accordance with the ISO 14002:2004 – Environmental Management Systems and the OHSAS 18001:2007 – Health and Safety Management Systems.

The strict and demanding requirements implemented by CENOR for its business performance are recognized, since 1992, by its certification as General Manager of Quality in Construction – LNEC Quality Mark (National Civil Engineering Laboratory) in the categories of Buildings and Monuments, Transport, Urban Development and Hydraulics, all in the highest class (Class 8).

In 2011, CENOR was awarded the PME (SME) Excelence 2011 label. This label has been created by IAPMEI and is the highest award distinguishing the best SMEs in Portugal (already awarded with the PME Lider label) in light of their management and economical-financial performance.